Review by Dr. John

The realm of cigars can be somewhat daunting to the novice, with all of the different regions, wrappers, ring gauges and lengths to sort through on your quest for that unspoiled smoke. Whether you are an aspiring aficionado or on a journey to find that safe haven for yourself during “peak” traffic congestion you should explore the Embassy Cigar Lounge (ECL) in Stafford, VA. As a frequent guest at ECL, and aspiring aficionado one thing that many of us can agree on, is that there is no substitute for that preoccupation and experience associated with the realm of a premium, handcrafted cigar.

Recently, I had the pleasure of enjoying an Alec Bradley Sanctum at ECL, a medium to full body cigar at a great price point that provided a great networking experience for about an hour without worrying about congested traffic.


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